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Silsan FC624 is an aqueous emulsion of a solvent-free,  water and oil replellent impregnating agent based on a modern PFOA and PFOS-free C6-florides, silsanes and siloxanes.  Silsan FC624 is suitable for impregnating alkaline building materials such as natural and artificial stones.

Silsan FC624 provides complete protection of brickwork and facades.  Due to its stain release properties, the substrates stay dry and clean.

Silsan FC624 provides a reliable and long-lasting protection for brickwork and facade against water intrusion, efflorescence and destruction by water-soluble pollutants as well as against frost damage and the attack of micro-organism.

Silsan FC624 accentuates the natural colour shade of the treated material.  There is no significant changes to the physical properties, in particular the water vapour permeability, (sdvalue) of the substrate treated with Silsan FC624.


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