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This breathable Claypaint from Earthborn is a luxurious, ultra-matt finish suitable for lime walls. Made using a unique eco friendly clay recipe it results in a  highly breathable flat matt paint. Due to Claypaint being highly breathable it means that it is especially suitable for use over lime.

Available in a beautiful palette of 72 shades this deliciously thick and creamy paint goes on like a dream and often requires fewer coats than conventional emulsions.  All this and no horrible smells or emissions.


Drying time 6 – 12 hours
Approx coverage Approximately 10 m² per litre.


Actual coverage will depend upon absorbency of the surface and method of application.


Please note that colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Earthborn Claypaint

PriceFrom £4.00
Excluding VAT

    • Virtually VOC free
    • Acrylic free
    • Oil free
    • Odour free
    • Highly breathable
    • Minimises condensation
    • Deters mildew

    3 - 5 business days by courier or collection in person.

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